Questions and answers

Question: I was playing the piano one day and there appeared a green light, a kind I had never seen before. It was transparent, but yet it had a body. It filled the whole room, this very lucid green. I saw the piece of sheet-music in that colour. What does that green signify?

Sri Chinmoy: The green colour in itself symbolises freshness, liveliness and energy. In your case it meant that a new life has dawned in you. It also indicates that you are full of life’s activity, life’s energy and life’s agility. Your entrance into the spiritual life has brought to your soul a whole new life. Everything is now green with promise. A new life has begun.

Question: But what is this supposed to do for you?

Sri Chinmoy: If you are aware of it, it is just like receiving candy. If a mother gives her child some candy once or twice, and the child likes it, then he starts asking for it. He himself goes to his mother and says, “Please give me some of that candy.” These spiritual experiences are like that. They are the first reward, or you could call them the first spiritual temptation. They are not a temptation in the undesirable sense, but a temptation to pursue the inner life for the joy of the experiences one gets. First the experiences come of their own accord, but then you have to earn them. You have to work for them, pray for them. You have to meditate to get them. But at the beginning, they may come of their own accord to inspire the spiritual aspirant. These experiences are the beginning of his spiritual wealth.