Question: I would like to know further the meaning of the word 'intuition'.

Sri Chinmoy: The place of intuition is here, between the eyebrows, just a little above. It is here that we have the third eye. Intuition itself is the direct power or direct light or immediate conviction of the soul. Let me give you an example. When I look at you with my ordinary eyes, I see you sitting there, and I see myself sitting here. Your whole existence is there, and mine is here. That is what I see with my ordinary eyes. But when I use the power of intuition, I see the reality and the vision together as one. The eye of intuition, my third eye, tells me that you and I are absolutely one; I the observer and you, the observed, can never be separated. That is what intuition is. The part that it plays is to unite both vision and reality. Otherwise, no matter what we see with our human eyes, there is a gap, a yawning gulf between the person who sees and the object that he sees. In intuition, however, the reality and the inner vision always go together.