Question: What is the effect, if there is one, when we pronounce the name of the Supreme devotedly, soulfully or forcefully when we are in danger?

Sri Chinmoy: When an accident or something serious is about to take place, at that time your utterance is an outburst of your inner cry, and you need not repeat the name of the Supreme in a slow, dragging manner. When I requested, half an hour ago, that the disciples say the name of the Supreme most soulfully, I did not mean that you have to prolong the word as long as you can. You can say the name very soulfully and also with love, reverence and devotion but, at the same time, at a normal speed.

When danger is approaching, at that time if you repeat ‘Supreme’ quickly and intensely, there is nothing wrong in it. It is an expression of the soul asking for immediate safety and for immediate intervention of the divine Protection.

One has to know, when one is pronouncing the Supreme’s name, what is the purpose. At the time of meditation or at the time of the disciple’s inner spiritual discipline, he has to say it slowly and soulfully. But in an emergency, when danger is threatening, if it comes from the depths of the heart like an intense cry, then it is also most soulful, although it is fast.