Question: Can you speak about the doubting mind? Is it something we have to crucify?

Sri Chinmoy: Crucifixion is not the answer. Illumination is the answer. Today my mind is very bad. It is doubting and creating so many problems. So I destroy my mind. Then tomorrow I start having problems with my vital. My desiring vital is desperately trying to strangle my aspiration; therefore, I destroy my vital. The day after tomorrow I see that my body is extremely lethargic. It does not want to get up early in the morning; it wants to remain always sleeping. So I destroy my body. In this way, if I go on destroying, I will have nothing left. I will have no body, no vital, no mind, nothing.

Destruction is not the answer. The answer is transformation. We have to transform and transcend. If the body is lethargic, I will inspire and compel the body to get up. To my vital I will say, “Instead of strangling someone, go and help him. You have strength enough; just help him.” If my mind is doubting, I will compel my mind to have faith.

Always we have to take the positive side. Instead of destroying the lethargic body, we will make it active. The destructive vital we will try to make dynamic. And into the doubting mind we will instill faith, implicit faith. Instead of destroying anything, we will only illumine and transform it. We will replace doubt with faith, destruction with dynamism, lethargy with wakefulness. We should never destroy anything. God sent us here to do some work for Him. Everything that we have and everything that we are is imperfect, but God does not want us to destroy ourselves. He wants us to transform ourselves and become perfect. He has given us the message of perfection. If something in us is imperfect, then let us make that particular thing perfect. Only then will God be pleased with us. God created us not for destruction but for perfection, so that He can enjoy satisfaction in and through us.