Question: How can we be more attached to pleasing God?

Sri Chinmoy: Instead of saying ‘attached’, let us say devoted. When something is good, we are devoted to it; when something is undivine, we are attached to it. Because we love our country, we devote our lives to the improvement of our country. If anything is good, we will devote our lives to that thing. Our soul is devoted to God-manifestation. When we start praying and meditating, we try to satisfy God. That means we are devoted to a high cause, the supreme Cause.

When we remain in the ordinary world, the unaspiring world, the desire-world, we try to please and satisfy only ourselves. But when we are in the aspiration-world, we try to please God. God is the root, and if we can please the root, then the trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits will also be pleased. So let us devote ourselves to the root, to God. If we can please God on the strength of our heart’s inner cry, then we will see and feel inside us God’s Love, Concern, Light and Peace — all that God has and is.

How can we have this inner cry? We can have this inner cry in the same way that we can have the outer cry. When the child cries for food, no matter where the mother is, she will come running. The child may be on the first floor and the mother may be on the fourth floor, but the mother will come running because the child is sincerely crying to be fed. Similarly, if we cry sincerely for divine Nectar, for light and delight, then God is bound to give it to us.

When the child cries, he has the unconscious hope that the mother will come and bring him food. But in the case of seekers, we are conscious. So when we cry for peace, light and bliss, immediately we get an answer. But our cry has to be sincere. When we cry inwardly, we have to feel a sincere need for God. When we have that inner need, then God, out of His infinite Bounty, will come and grant us the things that we need.

If we have a sincere, genuine inner cry, then all our problems will be solved. But if we do not have that sincere inner cry, then no matter how many years we live on earth, we will not find satisfaction, because true satisfaction means the perfection of our nature, the perfection of our life.