Question: Some persons are disturbed by the problems surrounding them. They think they can find an escape in suicide. Do you think this is a door that we can open at our sweet will to escape from responsibility and suffering?

Sri Chinmoy: I have been hearing for the past few years, from many people, this very idea of committing suicide. Suicide is by no means an escape. There is no escape, there can be no escape. We can escape from this room but we'll be caught in another room. We think that we can escape from this world by killing ourselves. Unfortunately, this is not the only world. There are other worlds as well. In this world I will take my life, but in another world I will have to continue my existence. Nay, I will be caught. God's Consciousness is all-pervading and He will be able to catch me, the thief.

To come back to your question, suicide can never be an escape. Why do people commit suicide? They commit suicide because they feel that they are miserable, frustrated; others do not understand them. They feel that by committing suicide, they will be freed from countless responsibilities, inner turmoil and pain. Or they feel that they will be mercilessly punished for their wrong actions and prefer to take their life first. So they need an escape. Now who escapes? Not a divine hero. A hero fights; a thief escapes. A coward escapes. But not he who is on the right path. If I am on the right path, I will not try to escape. He who wants to commit suicide is a coward. He does not face the world. First of all you have to face the world, live in the world in order to establish your divine qualities on earth. We have to accept. If we do not accept the world, what are we going to face? When we face the world, if there is anything wrong with the world, we can rectify it. So those who are committing suicide are committing the worst possible mistake. To be sure, there is no escape for them either in this world or in any other world. They are not only killing themselves, but are also killing the fruitful possibilities of their future incarnations.

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 3, No.11,12, June — 27 July 1968, Aum Centre Press -- Santurce, P.R., 1968