The Divine Mother

A sadhak is not a beggar, but a chooser. He is seated between two extremes: an utmost incapacity and an omnipotent power. The Mother in all Her compassion comes and tells the sadhak that it is for him to choose between the two.

Our vital depression says: "The Mother is the examiner." Our heart's gratitude says, "No, She is the private tutor."

Our aspiration is a promising seed which brings to birth the psychic being. The psychic being needs the sunshine of the Mother's Grace for its full illumination. Therein lies the perfection of humanity.

Difficulties are perpetually present, but we have something in us which is at once dynamic and static: the Mother's Grace. It is static in location and dynamic in operation.

Earth's aspiration and the Mother's Grace combined make the first step. The second step is Supramentalisation leading to the third and final step, a perfect Perfection.

No aspirant is free from one enemy and that enemy is ego. Poor ego. It too has an enemy and that is the Mother's constant love for the aspirant.

When we look at danger with our own eyes, it is nothing short of poison. When we look at danger through the Mother's eyes, it is nothing but the pinch of a child.

The Mother is omnipresent, no doubt, but it is we, her children, who by constant remembrance, make Her live in the inmost recesses of our hearts.

Indeed, the Mother is the all-inviting Centre of an ever-expanding circle without a circumference.

Hers are the teachings that are at once refreshingly simple and divinely powerful. They are the all-nourishing food of the aspirants' evolving consciousness.

Hers is the all-fulfilling Reality which is Existence itself.

Her Grace is Her very life which is a divinely intoxicating breath founded on the ever-creative dynamic Silence.

The Mother is Reality. Reality has two perpetual lungs: Being and Consciousness.

The Mother and Her Self-Power are one. In Her Vision commences the greatest glory of the divine creation.

The Mother's Path is the Path of Perfection. Liberation means to gain one's freedom into the Spirit. Perfection is the full blossoming and highest expression of the evolving soul in the mind, life and body of the aspirant.

It is the Mother who would give the world to see perfection dawn on Her devoted disciples.

The world itself seems to be a problem of the first magnitude. The Mother's very eyes show that this problem is not what it seems. According to Her, the world is a climbing cry into the highest Beyond.

Suffering has a free access to all, including the Mother. We suffer that our desires remain unfulfilled. Mother suffers that we are still wallowing in the pleasures of Ignorance.

The Mother buys our perseverance with Her Smile and She buys our discouragement with Her Tears.

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 1, No. 7, 27 February 1966, Boro Park Printers -- Brooklyn, N. Y, 1966