Three types of disciples

1. The flaming disciples are those in whom the Master has his perfect faith.

2. The sparkling disciples are those who have perfect faith in their Master.

3. The disciples waiting to be lit are those who embody the unawakened faith in the Master.

A flaming disciple is his Master’s pride. A sparkling disciple’s pride is his Master. A disciple waiting to be lit is the pride of the serving and dreaming Mother-Earth.

A flaming disciple sits at the Feet of the Master. A sparkling disciple stands in front of the Master. A disciple waiting to be lit sleeps and dreams lying beside the Mother-Earth.

A flaming disciple is he who feels that the Master is always pleased with him. A sparkling disciple is he who really knows how to please the Master. A disciple waiting to be lit is he who thinks that to please the Master is beyond his capacity and almost an impossibility.

Cry soulfully and unreservedly. Lo, you have become the flaming disciple of the Master.

Smile spontaneously and devotedly. Lo, you have become the sparkling disciple of the Master. Dive courageously and speedily. Lo, you have become the disciple absolutely ready to be lit by the Master.

Open your life’s door. Your Master says: “My child, you are my flaming disciple;” Open your heart’s door. Your Master says: “My son, you are my sparkling disciple.” Open your eyes’ door. Your Master says: “My true future son and child, you are my striving disciple to be lit."