I know. This is absolute. I don’t know. This is absolute. I am doubtful. This is absolute. These are the standards of human belief, worldly reality and earthly action.

We all need illumining knowledge. This knowledge comes from the divine light within us. This light is called the soul.

Our knowledge of God is limited. Our knowledge of creation is also limited. If we are apt to believe that creation came into existence out of nothing, then we are ourselves nothing but unreality’s nothingness. If we are blessed with the inner belief that creation is an emanation from God, then our existence can be flooded with time’s creativity, soul’s potentiality and life’s reality.

We are told that God transcends all our human comprehension. Therefore our search for God will eventually end in a sad fiasco. But again we know perfectly well that God does not deny our soulful love and unconditional surrender. Either He can enter into us, smilingly and compassionately, or we can enter into Him devotedly and triumphantly. At this point He does not remain beyond our comprehension. Once we have divinely established our inner union with God, we shall forever transcend His creation with Him. Today’s unrealised man is tomorrow s realised God. Today’s unachieved reality will be transformed into tomorrow’s fulfilled Immortality.

Ignorance says: “Man is often the doer and not the knower."

Knowledge says: “Man is often the knower and not the doer."

Self-Realisation says: “Man is neither the doer nor the knower. God is the only doer. God is the only knower.”

Each man can live in three houses: the body, the heart and the soul. When he lives in the body, he is a member of the family. When he lives in the heart, he is a member of his nation. And when he lives in the soul, he is a member of the universe.

Absolutism tells us that existence is experience and experience is existence. Existence sings the song of Reality. Experience sings the song of Divinity. Man’s Reality is God’s responsibility. Man’s divinity is God’s necessity. God is not only the Creator, but also the Creation. God is not only the Creation, but also the Cosmic movement. God is not only the Inner Will, but also the Freedom. With His freedom, God is all Bliss. In His freedom, God is all Compassion.

My absolutism demands truth, aspiration and inspiration. Inspiration tells a man to run towards the Goal. Aspiration expedites his journey towards the Goal. Truth offers him the breath of the Goal. Absolutism means the accomplishment of human knowledge. Knowledge is action divinely fulfilled.

Henry Van Dyke affirms: “It is better to burn the candle at both ends and in the middle, too, than to put it away in the closet and let the mice eat it.”

Well, if we divinely work for God and divinely work for God’s sake, then we shall not require a man-made candle, for God Himself will come and stand in front of us as the everlasting flame for our own precious, endless use.

The present-day world is run by express human opinions. Sometimes dark doubt looms large and important in our opinions. Sometimes bold certainty looms large and important in our opinions. Let us charge our memory with what Bertrand Russell says: “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent full of doubt.”

Not to speak of the intelligent who are full of doubt, even the stupid who are cocksure do not and cannot have inner joy, inner peace and inner fulfilment. To have inner joy, peace and fulfilment what one needs is the soul’s full awakening and life’s implicit faith.

We want to be happy. In order to be happy we have first to make others happy. Now if we really and truly want to make others happy, then we must stop contradicting others. Further we must stop adding to their fond and cherished opinions. Our contradiction will cause disaster. Our additional support will cause meaningless superfluity. What we must do to make others happy is to silently subtract imperfection from their possession.

Absolutism, what is it after all, if not absolute opinion? This absolute opinion is the only thing that a man has and he is. How can he afford to lose it? What happens when he loses it to mankind? Mankind uses him as his slave, his football. What happens when he loses it to God? He becomes God’s immediate pride and constant joy.

Finally, I have to realise that my opinion is nothing short of my journey. The easiest journey is my journey downward. The darkest journey is my journey backward. The surest journey is my journey forward. The bravest journey is my journey upward. The rarest journey is my journey inward.