Edward's conversation with God

"God, my mother constantly bothers me. She tells me that I have to pray to You every morning and evening. She also says that if I do that, I shall be able to see You every day. She has told me something else. She has told me that You are very kind. If it’s true, will You please do me a favour? Can You tell me how I can see You every day without praying to You?"

"I shall let you see Me, not once, but twice a day. But you have to pray to Me a little. Wait, I have a nice idea. I am telling you secretly that I am going to give you the easiest prayer; you must not tell it to anybody. This is all between you and Me, a top secret. Every morning, you stand in front of the large mirror in the living room and keep your eyes half open. Look at your eyes in the mirror and smile and smile. You are sure to see Me in your eyes. First you will see Me in your right eye and then in your left eye."

"Will it always be like that? Can I not see you first in my left eye and then in my right eye?"

"Yes, but to do that, you have to keep both eyes closed and repeat My Name seven times and then open your eyes. You are bound to see Me in your left eye first."

"God, do you mind if I do it the other way round? I hope you won’t mind if I keep my eyes half open and smile until I see You. I think that will be easier. Do You mind?"

"No, not at all. I must say that you are wiser than I. I wanted to show you the easiest way to see Me. I wanted you to stand in front of the mirror and keep your eyes half open. You don’t want to take even that much trouble. You just want to keep your eyes half open and smile until you see Me. You have discovered a way which is even easier. You are really clever and great, Edward, and that is why I am fond and proud of you."

"Thanks a lot, God."