Peter's conversation with God

"God, I am sick of my father and my mother. I am only seven years old. You know I am just a child. My mother tells me that I have to leave my room clean and tidy. My father tells me that I have to take a shower every day. And you know God, that my mother uses the biggest word in the dictionary. She uses the word “immaculate”. God, do You know what that silly word means?"

"I think I do."

"Then tell me what it means."

"It means 'spotless'."

"Oh, I see. Thank you God. Oh, I forgot to ask You God, if my parents are right in making me take a shower and leave my room clean and tidy every day."

"Yes, they are right."

"I see that You are also no good. You and my father and my mother are all the same. Tell me, did my father take a shower every day when he was a little boy? Did my mother clean her room when she was a little girl?"

"No, your father did not take a shower and your mother did not clean her room daily when they were of your age."

"Then why do they want all that from me? It isn’t fair."

"You know, that is why I did not like your father and mother for a long time. I only began liking them when they started taking showers and cleaning their rooms daily."

"But I want You to like me right from the beginning, God."

"I shall not only like you, but love you if you take a shower and leave your room clean and tidy every day. More than that I shall be proud of you."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, God."