60. My name is Thomas. Forgive me, doubt and I are inseparable. I am sure I shall ask God for proof even when He stands right in front of me.

Yogi: That is why poor God is moving heaven and earth in search of His identification card. It seems to me that He has misplaced it. No, I am wrong. Excuse me. I am now positive that God has compassionately thrown His identification card deep inside your ignorance-sea. Unfortunately, the dragon-doubt in your ignorance-sea has devoured it completely. Poor God. Since you are responsible for God losing His identification card, it will be nice, kind and generous of you not to embarrass God by asking Him for it. Next time when God comes and stands in front of you, immediately tell Him, at least for my sake, that you have revoked your charge and that you have accepted Him as your Lord Supreme, as your very own.