The saviour boat from the depths of the unknown

A child of five, in Bengal, India, was coming home from town with his elder brother, who was already an adult. They were riding back in a small ferry which was somewhat like a shuttle boat travelling from the village to the town and back again. It held six or eight passengers, including the younger brother and the elder brother. The ride ordinarily took about an hour and a half, as the Karnafuli is one of the widest and wildest rivers in India.

On this particular day, the river was in its wildest fury. After a heavy downpour of rain, a storm continued to rage. In addition to this misfortune, the boat had sprung a large leak and immediately started to sink. It was sailing in the heart of the wide river, at least three miles from either shore.

The passengers were panic-stricken. They, as well as the boatman, did not fail to invoke the Indian gods and goddesses for immediate help — Rama, Krishna, Kali, Durga, etc. Tears were rolling down the cheeks of the elder brother, for he knew that the child of five could not swim. The boatman pitifully cried out for help, but the neighbouring boats paid no heed. They too were caught in the storm and were possibly facing a similar calamity.

Slowly but inexorably, the boat was sinking, sinking, carrying the panicky passengers with it. The “fateful moment” was not far off.

Suddenly, to the wide surprise of boatman and passengers, a boat sprang up, empty, from the depths of the waters right in front of their sinking boat — scarcely ten feet away. In no time the boatman caught hold of the child and threw him into the empty boat. Then all the other passengers hurriedly jumped into the boat, one by one. The child was embraced by each and every passenger. They felt that it was the fate of the child that had caused their lives to be saved too.

When the storm of nature was totally over, two boatmen shouted from a distance, “We're coming to help you!” But help was not needed now.

When help was really sought after, it was not forthcoming from any human being; it came directly from God. And this kind of timely help we get only from God; Indeed, this is the realisation of a forty-year old seeker.