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Question: What could America's contribution be to the family of nations in the next two hundred years?

Sri Chinmoy: In the next two hundred years America’s contribution to the family of nations will be equality’s universal birthright and reality’s transcendental height. America is great. America is good. America’s greatness is going to increase in infinite measure in the next two hundred years because America knows what greatness is and where it comes from. Greatness is self-giving and its source is love in peace and peace in love. America’s goodness lies in this: God for God’s sake, man for God’s sake. Aspiration for a higher life is for God’s sake. Truth-discovery is for God’s sake. Peace-distribution is for God’s sake. Delight-manifestation is for God’s sake.

America’s matchless contribution shall be her supreme universal friendship in which the family of nations will see beckoning hands, oneness-satisfaction and perfection-manifestation. America means contribution. Right now this contribution at times is conditional, at times unconditional. But either in the near or distant future, America’s contribution will always be unconditional in the outer life because America is undoubtedly going to make tireless efforts to become a supremely unconditional instrument of the Pilot Supreme.