Act 1, Scene 19

(Heaven. Krishna is playing on his divine flute.)

KRISHNA: Ah, Jesus is singing my favourite song on earth. How soulfully he is offering the wealth of my song to mankind. No, I must be totally frank. That song is not mine. I did not compose that song. It was our Father Supreme who composed that song. He taught me that song and I sang it on earth. He taught Jesus the same song and now he is singing it on earth so soulfully and so fruitfully.

Ah, today our Jesus is coming back home. How hard he has worked, especially his last three years on earth. He needs and deserves some rest here in Heaven. (Shouting aloud.) Rama, Buddha, where are you? Come here please. (Enter Rama and Buddha.) Our brother Jesus is coming back today. Father gave me the message this morning.

RAMA AND BUDDHA: Father always tells you everything first. You are His most favourite son.

KRISHNA: Not at all. We all are His most favourite sons. What can poor Father do? Rama, last night you had to put up a brave fight against Satan and the forces of ignorance. Therefore, in the morning you were dead-tired. Naturally you had to sleep far into the morning. Father did not want to disturb your sound sleep.

Buddha, you got up very early in the morning and started meditating. You went into your deepest trance. When Father saw you in your usual trance, He did not want to disturb you either. And what was I doing in the morning? I was playing on my flute and reminiscing about my Brindavan lila on earth with my divine Radha and my divine gopis, my totally devoted and completely surrendered devotees. Since I was neither sleeping nor meditating, Father came to me and gave me the message of Jesus’ arrival today.

RAMA AND BUDDHA: Krishna, you are sweetness and concern to all your devotees. To us, your brothers, you are all cleverness and all wisdom. No wonder the world, especially India, has such love for you.

KRISHNA: Brother Rama, Brother Buddha, let us not waste time. Our brother Jesus will soon arrive. His crucifixion has shattered me totally.

BUDDHA: I was simply horrified when I heard about it from Father the other day.

RAMA: When Father told me about Jesus’ crucifixion, I was simply mortified. He has done so much for earth and, in return, earth offers him crucifixion. Earth is not ready for us.

BUDDHA: It seems that earth will never be ready.

KRISHNA: For my sake, for Father’s sake, let us be ready to receive Jesus. Let us make a most beautiful throne for him.

(They make a golden throne. Jesus ascends and appears. They greet him most enthusiastically and place him on the throne. Enter Father.)

FATHER (blessing and embracing Jesus): Jesus, my Jesus.