Queens University

Question: How can one remain calm in the physical mind when one has so many things to do in so little time?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, if you are not peaceful, do you think that the things you have to accomplish will be accomplished sooner? No! When you are restless and agitated, when you are full of anxiety and worries, you just add to your problems and difficulties. Suppose you have a destination which you want to reach as soon as possible. If you carry inside you undivine elements like fear, doubt, anxiety, insecurity and so forth, that means you are carrying an extra weight and diminishing your capacity. So how will you reach your goal at the earliest possible hour? Your appointed hour will be delayed. A runner knows that if he carries extra weight, his opponents will defeat him. Now that you have accepted the spiritual life, you have to feel the necessity of emptying your mind all the time. When doubt, fear, insecurity or any other negative forces enter into your mind, just empty them out, cast them aside so that you can run the fastest. With inner faith, love, devotion and surrender you will run the fastest.

The first and foremost thing for a seeker is to have peace of mind. When you have established peace of mind, then you will see that the Hour of God will be accelerated and the things that you are trying to achieve and manifest on earth will be easily accomplished. The proper approach is to make the mind calm, quiet and tranquil always. When the mind is calm and tranquil, then you can run the fastest without carrying a heavy load.

While we are on earth we have to know that it is through constant aspiration that we can build a bridge between the finite and the Infinite. Then we shall carry the finite with us into the infinite and become one with the Infinite. Worries and anxieties will never help us. On the contrary, they will delay us. But if we have peace of mind, then we can run the fastest toward the goal and when the divine Hour strikes, we will be able to achieve what God wants us to achieve.