Question: Why does God need man more than anything else on the physical plane to manifest Himself?

Sri Chinmoy: It is because man is more evolved than anything else on earth. When there is a good student, the teacher finds it easier to offer his wisdom to that student. In God's classroom, the bad students will also one day become good. But meanwhile, the student who is advanced understands the wisdom and utilises more of the teacher's light or knowledge than the backward student. God has created stones, animals, trees and everything else as well. But you can see that your development far exceeds that of a tree or an animal. The tree is also created by God, but your evolution is far more advanced. Whoever is more advanced will naturally have to take more responsibility in God's manifestation.

In a family, the eldest member knows much more about the father than the youngest member knows. The father discusses family problems and the world-situation with the eldest son, not with his little children. But these children, the young ones, will also one day grow up and become mature. At that time, the father will discuss serious things with them, too.