Question: Sometimes I want to offer something that I feel is wrong with me. I try to offer it in my own limited way, but I really don't know the best way to do it.

Sri Chinmoy: Let us say that you get angry with your brother. At that time, feel that your anger is something that you can grab. Always think of everything as an object, a material object. That material object, just grab and throw into me. I am ready to accept it. When you throw it into me, I will take it. But when you throw it into somebody else, then that person only retaliates against your action and the problem starts.

So when you are angry, don’t cherish this anger. Just throw it into me. When you have wrong thoughts, vital thoughts, anything undivine, just throw it into me. If you do not throw it into me but just hold it, what happens? Unconsciously you cherish it. And if you cherish these thoughts, they gain enormous strength and try to destroy your whole being. When these thoughts start, at that time they are like a few ants. If you can see them, easily you can destroy them. But when they grow and a few ants become hundreds and thousands of ants, at that time it is very difficult, very difficult.

But even if you feel that it is a hopeless case, I wish to tell you that nothing is hopeless. Even when you yourself give up the challenge, God will not give up the challenge in and through you. He may allow you to take rest for a day or a month or a year or a hundred years, but eventually He will again inspire you to accept the challenge.