Be brave within! be brave without!

Captain, my Captain,
My dear, sweet and compassionate Captain,
Fifty-six years ago,
out of Your infinite Bounty,
You sent this soul into the world
To unconditionally love You, serve You
And please You in Your own Way.
You alone know how far I have succeeded.
Captain, my heart's Captain, my life's Captain,
Today, on this most auspicious occasion
In my life,
I am begging You to grant me
A very special Boon.
Do grant me the capacity
To please everybody on earth.
"My stupid child,
I have created this world.
Since I do not have the capacity
To please each and every human being
on earth,
How can I grant you this Boon?
To please each and every human being
Is an impossible task.
I try to please each human being as far as I can.
Then I leave it up to their fate.
"Again, there are human beings
Who are pleasing Me even far beyond
Their own imagination.
For them is My Vision-Eye,
For them is My Compassion-Heart,
For them is My Satisfaction-Divinity.
From today on I am asking you
To please only those who think and feel
That to please Me in you
Is their only duty, earthly and Heavenly.
Do not waste even one moment
Of your precious time on earth
On those whom you have to please,
Whose feet you have to touch at every moment
To catch a glimpse of satisfaction-smile
In their eyes.
"Be brave within!
Be brave without!
This pilgrimage is only for the brave,
Only for the few
Who are supremely chosen instruments
of Mine.
Unfortunately, there are many
Who want from you and from Me
Nothing but attention.
But what they need from you and Me
Is the hunger for aspiration
And the thirst for perfection.
"My child, My Eternity's child,
Your boat is sailing fast, very fast.
Many, many, many more will join your boat
On the way.
And again, on the way,
All those who become tired
Will jump out of the boat on their own.
You have no time to look into ignorance-sea
To watch who is drowning.
Your boat will never come empty.
It will come at its full capacity
And reach the Golden Shore,
My Immortality's Heart-Abode."