The secret to make you happy

My Captain, do tell me the secret
To make You happy.
My Captain, there was a time
When I was in the desire-world.
Therefore, You were so sad.
But now I am in the aspiration-world.
Why are You so sad now?
It seems that I will never be able
To make You happy.
"My child, while you were in the desire-world,
You were a ferocious and all-devouring tiger.
Therefore, it was impossible for Me
To be pleased with you and remain happy.
Although you now live in the aspiration-world,
Your aspiration-life is as weak as a tiny ant.
How can I be proud of you?
How can I be happy?"
My Captain,
My desire-life created sadness for You.
My aspiration-life is creating sadness for You.
I do hope someday I shall realise You,
And my realisation-life
Will make You truly happy.
"My child, it entirely depends
On what kind of realisation you want.
If you long for a realisation-drop
And not a realisation-ocean,
Then you will undoubtedly
Make me once more unhappy.
Right now your realisation-hour is a far cry.
But since you are in your aspiration-life,
Aspire and aspire for the highest height.
Your achievement of your highest height
Will eventually blossom
Into an inseparable oneness-realisation
With My Universal Life.
"Forget your desire-life.
Neglect not your aspiration-life.
Inject your aspiration-life
With your heart's promise-light
So that at My choice Hour I can bless you
For your realisation
Most powerfully, most proudly and most happily
With My Immortality's Satisfaction-Delight."

Sri Chinmoy, Captain, my Captain.First published by Agni Press in 1994.

This is the 970th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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