On 21 July 1991 Sudhahota Met With...

On 21 July 1991 Sudhahota met with Sri Chinmoy at Annam Brahma Restaurant.

SRI CHINMOY: The long jump is yours. No more talking! It’s a very old story. Now, I also have made a promise. I want to break my 100-metre record of 14.48 that I made 10 years ago in the World Masters Games. And ultimately something else unbelievable, unimaginable, unthinkable I want to do; I want to break my old Ashram record. At the age of 22 or 24, my timing in the Ashram was 11.7. Unofficially I used to run the 100 in 11.2 or 11.4, but my timing in competition always was very bad. Still, I was first for 16 years straight!

My friends from the Ashram are all my age — over 60 years old. When I said I would break my World Masters Games record of 14.48, they believed me. But then I bragged to my close friends that I am also going to break 11.7 once again. They were all laughing and laughing at me, but sometimes God does speak through human beings. For right now I am only worrying about how I can break 14.48. So I need your encouragement and advice. And you have to fulfil your long jump promise.

SUDHAHOTA: Yes, I will, Guru!

SRI CHINMOY: During my last year of running, a coach came to the Ashram from Cologne, Germany, to teach us. I was the best athlete, the decathlon champion. He wanted to change all my styles, and he tried for three months. But it was too late. Then he said it was a hopeless case. When he left the Ashram to return to Germany, he gave me a photograph of himself swimming which he signed, “To Chinmoy, who gave me much love and who gave me much trouble.” He is still a good friend of mine. A few years ago when I gave my first major concert in Cologne (over 9,000 seekers attended), at my request he came to the concert. After the concert was over, I honoured him by having my American and German students sing a song which I had composed about him. He was extremely pleased. His Indian name is Saumitra. His German name is Werner.