Later, At Aspiration-Ground, Sudhahota Offered Sri Chinmoy...

Later, at Aspiration-Ground, Sudhahota offered Sri Chinmoy some coaching tips.

SUDHAHOTA: Guru, it would help to let your arms swing back a little farther. That will open your stride op a little bit.

(Sri Chinmoy runs.)

Okay, now your arms are swinging better, but keep your legs the way they were before. Leave your legs the same, but just change your arms. In sprinting, Guru, remember, all your power comes from the ground. So your objective should be to push off the ground, and then let your legs come right back down and push off. Before, you were really pushing well.

(Sri Chinmoy runs.)

SUDHAHOTA: That's good! Why can't all the guys at the University of Houston be like that? The college kids drive you crazy!

(Sri Chinmoy runs again.)

SUDHAHOTA: That was the best. Did that feel better, Guru? That was the fastest one.

SRI CHINMOY: Is there any exercise I should do?

SUDHAHOTA: The only drills that we do are box drills. Get three or four boxes about 18 inches high. Just jump up, then jump down, and then jump up again. When you jump up, you swing the arms up, and when you go down, you swing the arms back. Do maybe five of those two days a week. That will make that part of your legs stronger and help you push off better. Do it with your legs together. I think this drill is what has helped me recently. It gets you stronger naturally — without lifting. So between that and keeping your arms open and your legs turning over, that's it!

SRI CHINMOY: You have been coaching me for years. I am so grateful to you. Next time when you come, I will run faster.

Before leaving, Sudhahota and Ambalika offered the following greeting for Sri Chinmoy's upcoming 60th birthday, which was videotaped.

SUDHAHOTA: Sixty is so special, Guru. For 60 years you have been inspiring so many millions of people throughout the world, but more than that, inspiring so many special people in the inner world. So Guru, thank you for all you've done for us, thank you for all the special times you've given us and thank you for the time you spent in America — because many of those 60 years you've spent here. We want to wish you a beautiful and happy special soul's day.

AMBALIKA: A beautiful and happy special soul's day! Happy birthday!