Part V: Sudhahota

During a function at P.S. 86 in Queens that evening, Sri Chinmoy offered the champion athlete his spiritual name: ‘Sudhahota.’ First he placed his hand on the athlete’s heart, chanting ‘Sudhahota’ four times, and then he gave the meaning of the Bengali name: “Unparalleled sacrificer of Immortality’s Nectar-Delight.” As part of the ceremony, Sri Chinmoy sang a song which he had written for Sudhahota, accompanying himself on the harmonium.

Sudhahota Sudhahota Sudhahota Sudhahota
Dharanir ankhi nir samapti mahatrata
Sutibra gati dhara pabitra hiya tara
Ucchhas uttal he nabik taba pal
Antare chira tare spriha bhanu durbar
Jaya jaya nartan duniyar patakar

O unparalleled sacrificer of Immortality’s
O liberator supreme,
In you is the complete halt of earth’s
streaming tears.
O fastest speed of the Beyond,
Yours is the heart flooded with purity-stars.
O divine pilot, your life-boat is sailing
With Eternity’s Himalayan aspiration-height.
Indomitable is the inspiration-sun
of your inner world!
Victory, victory, victory to you!
You are the dance of the world’s victory-banner.