Part VI

The next day, on 13 November, Sri Chinmoy made these remarks to Sudhahota at Progress-Promise.

Sri Chinmoy: Yesterday I was speaking about the difference between the outer man and the inner man. The outer man eventually grows into the inner man; after many, many incarnations and at God's choice Hour, the outer man definitely becomes the inner man. During his earthly sojourn, the outer man collects millions of experiences, and the quintessence of these experiences he keeps. These add to his inner wealth. The inner man already has infinite inner wealth. In fact, the inner man eternally is what the outer man is longing for.

There are people on earth who will take many, many years to bring to the fore their inner man. In your case, it took you only a few fleeting hours to bring to the fore your inner man. While you were meditating with me, right from the very beginning your inner man came to the fore. At that time you were no longer Carl Lewis, the greatest athlete, the champion athlete of the world; you were something else — something infinitely more beautiful and infinitely more powerful than this. You had become the supreme hero-warrior to fight against humanity's ignorance. You became what your outer life at times consciously, at times unconsciously, has always been searching for: the unparalleled sacrificer of Immortality's Nectar-Delight.

Yesterday I offered you a flower. The spiritual significance of that particular flower is gratitude. I offered you my heart of gratitude and, at the same time, my soul of blessings. My heart's sweetest gratitude and my soul's highest blessings I offered to you, and you received everything most powerfully. Receptivity is not a mere word in your life of aspiration. No, in your case it is a living reality. The living reality of your receptivity has touched the inmost recesses of my heart. You have proved to both the outer world and to the inner world something unprecedented: that the outer man, whose name and fame have covered the length and breadth of the world, can also long for the inner man, who is the true ambassador of the Absolute Supreme on earth. This is what the inner man in each human being is. In you, yesterday we saw the perfect and unprecedented oneness of the outer man and the inner man.

The outer man says to the inner man, "What I have is all for you." The inner man says to the outer man, "What I am is all yours and will always be yours, only yours."