On 12 April 1985, Sudhahota Performed In...

On 12 April 1985, Sudhahota performed in a Peace Concert that Sri Chinmoy and his students gave in New York.

Two days later, at the tennis court located at Aspiration-Ground, Sri Chinmoy’s meditation park, the spiritual teacher played Canadian doubles with Sudhahota and Narada. Sri Chinmoy made this comment after the tennis match.

SRI CHINMOY: Strangely enough, Bob Beamon used to practise his long jump at the playground just a few hundred yards from here. So, Sudhahota, now you are here. We are begging your soul to set a new world record. It is not a matter of human rivalry but a matter of transcending the world’s capacity. If you set a new record, it becomes a real treasure of Mother Earth. Your world records, your gold medals, are absolute treasures of Mother-Earth.

When the gods in Heaven look down, they have such admiration for earth because earth is able to transcend itself. They say, “Oh, earth can transcend itself. It is so great.” A kind of competition is going on between Heaven and earth. Earth is in no way inferior to Heaven; it is just different. Earth offers something; Heaven offers something else. In this way earth and Heaven fulfil each other. So your achievements are earth’s most valuable treasures.