Sudhahota Attended The Function Celebrating The 22nd...

Sudhahota attended the function celebrating the 22nd anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s arrival in the West on 13 April 1986. During the event, the spiritual teacher made these remarks to him.

SRI CHINMOY: Dearest Sudhahota, you are not only the hero supreme of the 1984 Olympic Games but also the supreme hero of our Beloved Supreme. Your unimaginable speed in the outer world is appreciated and admired by all the lovers of the outer running. But your unimaginable speed in the inner world is for all the seekers and God-lovers to see, feel, appreciate and admire. On the strength of my oneness with God our Beloved Supreme, with all the divine sincerity at my command, I wish to tell you and to tell the whole world that your inner speed — which is your love of God and your conscious and sleepless oneness with God’s Will — is also unimaginable. You are not only the supreme athlete of the 20th century but also a supreme pioneer, a beckoning hand for the new world that is going to dawn. Your inspiration-life and your dedication-life will be appreciated, admired and adored century after century. Eternity’s child you are; Immortality’s gift you have offered to this beautiful earth-planet.

(Video of Sudhahota is shown.) We have watched Sudhahota the supreme sprinter and the supreme jumper. Now we shall hear Sudhahota, the supreme prophet. He predicted that he was running for the gold and here his prediction proved to be absolutely true. So now let us hear his prediction. (“Going for the Gold” tape is played.)