Question: Lately I have not only been feeling physically weak, but also weak in other ways. I am wondering how I can become strong to run the fastest.

Sri Chinmoy: Remain silent, silent, silent! Even while you are walking, do not allow any thought to come. Do not say, "Oh, this is a good thought, that is a bad thought." No. Try to have no thought, no thought. Let God think inside you. Let the Supreme think inside you. Let Him do the needful. If any thought comes, stop it, stop it, stop it. Then you will see how much energy you get, how much willingness, eagerness and everything that you need; the way will be shown to you.

Only keep the mind absolutely quiet — even for two minutes, three minutes. It is like the development of a muscle. Today if you can keep the mind completely still for two minutes and tomorrow for three minutes, then gradually, gradually, if you do this for a long time, you will see how much you can improve in your inner life — not only in your inner life, but also in your outer life. You will be able to make tremendous improvement.