Question: At this particular time in history, what is the best way for each of us as individuals to help our own country go forward?

Sri Chinmoy: The only answer is via prayers and meditation. There is no outer way. No discussion, no advice — nothing will work at this point in the outer world. Only in the inner world we have to gain more wealth through our prayers, our meditation, and our love, devotion and surrender to God's Will. We have to accumulate inner strength, inner strength, inner strength. Sometimes we desperately need inner strength to come forward. So this is the time when, if you want to do something for your country, you have to pray deep within and accumulate the strength that will be used later on.

Now only try to accumulate and hold as much as you can in the inner world, in the inner life. Then the time will come when you will be able to use that inner wealth in your outer life, to serve your country.