Question: Top athletes like Carl Lewis speak about being relaxed. What is your comment?

Sri Chinmoy: Relaxation is of supreme importance in the life of Sudhahota Carl Lewis and for all athletes. First you have to relax psychically, in your heart. Then you have to relax mentally, then vitally and then physically. If you are relaxed when you, as an individual, want to do something, then you get a force inside your heart, mind, vital and physical. You are also getting a force inside your soul. Five strong forces, inner forces, are helping you secretly. Relaxation means help from the inner, secret world.

So in everything you do, relaxation is of paramount importance. But it must be relaxation. It is not a matter of enjoying lethargy. Relaxation can take place sooner than the soonest if you can make your mind calm, quiet, vacant. If you can make your mind calm and quiet, you will see relaxation of the various parts of your being can be achieved very quickly.