Aspiration is a cry within our heart. As a child cries, so also in the heart you will feel a cry. A child is within you, shedding tears. He is weeping because he wants to transcend himself. This is the mounting cry, the climbing cry inside our heart. When we are aware of this cry, we call it aspiration. And when our heart’s cry makes us feel that we are not what we should be and that we need something more, then we start meditation. When we aspire with our heart’s tears, we see that God is coming down to us, descending from above. It is just like two persons meeting: one is on the first floor and the other is on the third floor. So what do we do? We go up to the second floor and God comes down to the second floor. There we meet and fulfil each other.

The stairway to the second floor is created by our heart’s tears and cries. The heart is crying and yearning like a mounting flame burning upward. This flame of the heart wants to go up beyond the mind, so it is always rising. God comes down. He is descending with His Grace, like a river running downward. He is constantly flowing down. Ours is the flame which always burns upward; God’s Grace, like a stream, is coming down from the Source. To the second floor God descends and to the second floor I ascend. On my part, it is aspiration that has brought me to the meeting place; and on God’s part, it is His Grace. When aspiration and Grace meet together, we come to experience the divine fulfilment of union with God.