Awakening is the beginning of the soul’s journey towards the ultimate Goal. At every moment the inner awakening has to be fed and nurtured by our constant aspiration. If aspiration is lacking, then our awakening will remain a mere mental concept and will not lead us far.

Now, we have also to be awakened to the truth that God-realisation is something natural, normal, practical and inevitable. When a seeker’s inner awakening makes him feel that God-realisation is not only natural and normal, but also inevitable, then the seeker can really possess his own awakening.

It is not the number of years that we have been following a spiritual path, but the intensity of our aspiration that counts. This aspiration of ours must be fed — not just continually, but continuously; not just daily, but every second of our life.

The world does not understand spiritual people; it badly misunderstands them. So do not listen to what the world says. Think only of what your spiritual Teacher says, what your soul says. Your Master and your soul always offer the same divine message. If you have true aspiration and genuine love for God, if you want to go far, farther, farthest, then embark on the inner path. Your soul’s inner awakening will compel your body, vital, mind and heart to follow you devotedly.