Faith and aspiration

There is a great difference between faith and aspiration. Faith is very common. We all have faith; faith begins in the physical world; every ordinary person has it. We have faith in our friends; we have faith in books; we have faith in a teacher — in his knowledge and in his ability to teach us correctly. We also have faith in God. But faith is passive, while aspiration is an active, dynamic force. We all have faith that we will eventually realise God, but faith alone will not bring us to our Goal. For that we must have aspiration. And for intense aspiration, we need a spiritual Master.

If I have a friend who is a good driver, then I have faith that he will take me to my destination. However, this faith will not enable me to drive as he does. But if I really aspire to learn to drive, then he will be able to teach me and someday I will also become a good driver. It is the same in the case of a spiritual Master. We may have faith in his realisation, but we must also aspire. We have to make the effort ourselves. Our aspiration must have a goal, the Goal of God-realisation. We must have a burning flame within. If we aspire, God’s Grace will descend upon us and carry us forward to our Goal.