How to cultivate aspiration

Please remember at every moment in your life that you have two things, only two things: desire and aspiration. You have tried to fulfil yourself through desire, but you have come to the conclusion that desire has failed you. That is why you want aspiration. Aspiration alone can give you realisation. Now, you have to feel what realisation is. Is it something only for you or is it for everyone? Is it only for your personal benefit or is it for everybody’s benefit? When you have the feeling that realisation is for everybody’s use, then you know that the results of your aspiration will be offered to humanity at large. When you feel that what you gain from your aspiration is for humanity at large, then your heart becomes wide and receptive. At that time you will be able to bring into your vessel abundant Love and Light from above and automatically your aspiration will increase.

Now there is another way to increase your aspiration in your day-to-day life. Please feel that in this world something or someone has to be your Dearest and that dearest person is God. Although you have the members of your family and your friends, you have to feel that only God is your Dearest. If everybody is taken away from your life, you will still be able to say that your Dearest has not been taken away from you. The moment your thoughts of God and your feeling for God are lacking, you have to feel that your Dearest is out of your life.

While you are pleasing God, if He asks you to please someone else, certainly you will do so. But at every moment make it a point to please God. When you are very sincere in your spiritual life, anything you do for God will give you constant joy. If you keep God as your best Friend, then your aspiration will increase.