Inspiration-journey, aspiration-goal

Without inspiration we cannot do anything or achieve anything. If we want to write a beautiful poem, if we want to compose music, if we want to achieve anything whatsoever, inspiration is necessary. In the spiritual life, this inspiration we can get by reading sacred books written by real spiritual Masters. When inspiration has played its role, we have to enter into the world of aspiration. We have to try to live the wisdom of the books.

How can we get aspiration? We have to cry deep within ourselves with the feeling that we desperately need Light and Peace. Once we are consciously aspiring, if we have a friend who is a very advanced seeker, he may be able to give us some help.

But we have to learn the secrets of concentration, meditation and contemplation. If we are absolutely sincere in our life of aspiration, then we are bound to come in contact with a true spiritual Master who can really help us and guide us towards our realisation.

When a child cries, no matter where his mother is, the mother comes. She knows the child is hungry; he needs milk. In the spiritual life also, when we cry for Peace, Light and Bliss, immediately a spiritual Master will come. He will act like a mother. In India it is said, “When the chela is ready, the Master is bound to come.” So when we are ready, God is bound to come to us in the form of our Master, the one who is meant for us.