Inspiration from fellow-seekers

Inspiration and aspiration you are bound to get from a spiritual Master. But you can also get these divine qualities from the disciples of a Master. If you look at some of the disciples, or if you just stay near them without looking at them, you get a very good vibration. When you get a good vibration, you are automatically being inspired to go deep within. When you go home you will meditate for at least five minutes, or while walking along the street you will meditate. This is the result of the inspiration that you have received from them.

If you are standing in front of a swimming pool and you see that nobody is in the swimming pool, you just remain standing there. Because of your lethargy you won’t jump in. Or perhaps you will be afraid that the water is not warm enough. But if you see that some people are already swimming, then you will have no fear of the water and you will immediately jump in and swim. At that time you will feel that your whole existence is swimming and you will get fresh life, fresh energy. Similarly, when you are with the disciples of a spiritual Master, you will see that some of them are really swimming in the sea of aspiration. Your physical mind may not be aware of it, but your heart is making you feel that some people are really swimming. Now it is up to you to enter the sea of aspiration and swim with them.

Inspiration is the first step. But with inspiration you can only go so far. You need aspiration in order to reach your goal. You have entered into the sea of aspiration, but now you notice that some people are going to the other shore of the sea. What is carrying them? It is aspiration. Once you have inspiration, you will then get within you a burning cry, a burning eagerness to see what is on the other shore. You feel that your real Goal is to get to the Golden Shore. Aspiration alone will carry you to your destination. When you are swimming across the ocean, that is your aspiration; and when you reach the shore, that is your realisation.