Question: Will the younger disciples find it easier to see the fairies?

Sri Chinmoy: Where are the younger ones? You people are all grownups. The mind is operating very nicely, very nicely, in all of you. Nobody here is in the child’s consciousness. You are all trying to work with your minds. Otherwise, in minutes you would see the fairy world.

This is all lack of receptivity. There is one disciple I was blessing on his birthday. For seven years I had been trying, but there was nothing, no receptivity. If receptivity does not come even on his birthday, then, Oh God, what am I going to do? So I had to use force. Then, after six or seven minutes, I was able to give him what I really wanted to give him. But it is very bad to use force. If you keep your heart’s door closed, if you keep all your windows and doors closed, then how will the sunlight come in? It is the nature of sunlight to enter into us; but if the windows are closed, then the sunlight cannot come. Again, sunlight is very powerful, and in some way it will enter. Force you can use, but that is very wrong. Sometimes it can damage the individual.