Question: If we see a fairy, then will we be convinced that the fairy world exists?

Sri Chinmoy: Our difficulty is that if we don’t see a thing every day, then we won’t be convinced. If we see something once, then we will only interpret it as imagination. Twenty times we have to see; only then will the human mind become convinced that a thing does exist or does not exist. Otherwise, we think, “How is it that I am not seeing it at once if it really exists? If it really existed for forty years, what have I been doing? I would have seen it.” If we see it only once, still we can deny its authenticity. Our difficulty is the mind. Only if we see something twenty times do we feel that it is real. The first time we see something, we feel it is all hallucination because others have not seen it. But if I have a mango, then whether others believe it or not does not matter. It is their problem. I have got it and I have eaten it. It is all inside me. Where is the proof? The proof is inside me. It is in the taste. It is in my satisfaction. The real proof is in my satisfaction: not your satisfaction, but my satisfaction.