During your meditation, just try to throw your outer and inner existence into my Transcendental consciousness. You do not have to think of anything. Just throw yourself into the sea; then the sea will feed you with Light, Peace, Bliss and Power. But do not expect any particular divine quality from me. I may want to give you one quality, but if you expect something else, at that time you are binding yourself with your expectation and also you are binding me.

Human expectation is very limited. Suppose you want Peace, divine Peace. When you expect, immediately your mind acts. You are trying to form receptivity inside you, but the receptivity that you will have in your mental world or physical world will be very limited. You feel that you have the capacity to receive, that you already have a vessel inside you; but you have to know that that vessel is very limited. But if you do not expect, but only give, then the problem of receptivity belongs to the Master. At that time the Master is bound to give you everything in boundless measure and, at the same time, to create the receptivity in you. When you give, then the Master has to give; and in order to give, he also has to make the vessel. He has to make it very large so that he can pour in the amount that he wants to give. So when you meditate on my Transcendental picture, try to empty yourself. If a thought comes, whether good or bad, just throw it into my picture. Each time a thought strikes your mind, feel that it is an attack and let me have the attack. Do not encourage any thought whatsoever. In this way keep your vessel absolutely empty. If you empty yourself and give me all your thoughts and undivine qualities, then I can fill you with Peace, Light and Bliss.

You have to know that I am ready to accept everything that you have and everything that you are. If you only want to give me the good things, that is not right. You should give me both the good and the bad. If you have fear, doubt or any negative thoughts, look at my picture and throw all your obscurity and impurity into me. Don't worry about me; I will throw these negative forces into the Universal Consciousness. But if you hold onto these things, you will only suffer. When undivine thoughts enter your mind, you actually become weak. If you doubt someone, you may think that you have achieved something. But no, you have only become weak. When you become jealous of someone, it is as if a heavy burden has been placed on your shoulders; naturally you become tired and exhausted. Today if you have one wrong thought, tomorrow you will have one hundred wrong thoughts, and there will be no end. When you have, say, jealousy, you inwardly communicate with the person you are jealous of and offer him your jealous thoughts. In the mind you are formulating the thoughts or ideas and you are consciously giving these to him. In the same way, any idea which comes you can throw into me. The moment you talk to me inwardly you are giving me your thoughts.

When you do your morning meditation, if you have not accumulated any mental garbage during your sleep, if your sleep was not disturbing but very sound and deep, if you have no restless feeling, then there may be nothing undivine that you have accumulated. At that time you can enter into me with joy, love and peace. If you can enter into me with divine qualities, then you should feel that it is like dealing with your own father. A child is coming to his father with such joy to give him a penny he has found in the street. The child could have bought candy, but he felt the necessity of giving the penny to his father. The father is so happy that his son wants to give him his only possession. Then the father will give the child much more than the child has offered. He will give the child a dollar.

In the spiritual life also, if you give me something good or positive — a little love, a little joy, a little peace — then immediately in return I will give you love, joy and peace in boundless measure. I will give you God only knows how many times more than you have offered me. If it is something bad that you are giving, then it will enter into my inner ocean. If it is a negative thought, an absurd or false notion, I will take care of it. And if you say, "I am giving you what I have unconditionally; I do not expect anything," then I assure you that what I give you will be in boundless measure, beyond your imagination, far beyond your expectation.

Sometimes I tell you to meditate on a particular quality, such as joy. Joy is something abstract, but you can imagine my face. Think of my face when I have been smiling at you or at anybody. When you see that I am smiling a very subtle smile and there is joy around my aura, then you know that this is my sincere smile. If you can see it, immediately it will give you tremendous joy.

My Transcendental picture appears very serious and austere. But if you enter into the heart of the picture, it is all smile, all peace, all love and all the other divine qualities. It is full of very solid joy, what we call 'Delight', but this is difficult to imagine. Hundreds of times you have seen your Master's smiling face; but if you see a picture where I am not smiling, then you yourself have to enter into my spiritual height or depth. If you want to enter into me, then identify yourself with my Peace, Light and Bliss and naturally you will get joy. But if you see a picture of your spiritual Master smiling or if you imagine my smiling face, then my smile will be recorded on the tablet of your heart. My smiling face will shine there and then you can easily meditate on joy.

Receptivity is most important in the spiritual life. One of the ways you can receive from me during meditation is through my eyes. But even if you are meditating with your eyes closed, if your soul is hungry for Peace, then at that time Peace will enter into you. If you are hungry for Light, then Light will enter into you. If you are hungry for any spiritual quality, then that quality will enter you. The mind may not understand, but here the mind is not at all necessary.

When the soul receives something such as Peace, Light or Bliss, at times the soul wants to assimilate it immediately and at times the soul wants to express it before it assimilates it. Assimilation is always good and, again, expression is also good. In many cases I see that the souls are eager to assimilate the divine quality and keep it for five hours or five, fifteen or twenty days and then express it. But in other cases I see that in a few hours' time or in a day the soul wants to express and reveal and manifest. When assimilation is not done first, then expression may be difficult, very difficult.

Your absorption of Light and other qualities can still take place even after you have left the meditation hall. It is like a star. Even if the star no longer exists, its light from aeons ago only now is reaching the earth. The absorption of the divine Light that you see or feel when I stand in front of you can take place immediately or it may take a few hours, days, weeks or even months.

One way to assimilate what I am giving you is to imagine my eyes right in front of you. Think of my eyes when I am in a high consciousness. Hundreds of times you have seen how my eyes are like waves moving from side to side; they are all-luminous, all Peace and Light. Here it is not really imagination, for when you see my all-illumining, all-compassionate and all-fulfilling eyes in front of you, immediately it is reality itself. At that time you are bound to assimilate the spiritual food that I have given you.

Sometimes when I am blessing someone or looking at a person and meditating on him, that person is absolutely unreceptive. With my infinite Compassion I am spreading Light in front of that person. But a person who may be sitting somewhere else, whose inner being is fully awake and who is most devotedly meditating on the Supreme, is receiving my Light because of his sincerity and devotion. He is taking away all the Light from the person to whom I want to give it. At this point I am not at all displeased with the person who has taken my Light, because my business is only to bring it. If the person to whom I offer it is not at all receptive, then naturally if somebody else has the capacity, he should take it. Then, when I come to the person who received the Light when I was blessing the other person, if that person still has the capacity to receive more, then I give more Light to him. Again, sometimes it happens that when I come to the person who received my Light five minutes ago, as soon as I look at him and meditate on him, that person becomes frightened and nervous — half dead — and receives nothing.

When I look at others and meditate on them, some of the disciples pay no attention. They meditate on themselves or sometimes they don't even meditate. They feel that it is not their turn, so they can relax. Then, as soon as their turn comes, they behave like naughty boys in school who immediately stand up when they see that the teacher is talking to them. Here also, the moment their turn comes, immediately these disciples come out of their stupor. But the good ones will always try to receive my Light and to remain in a very good, high, devoted, elevated consciousness, no matter where I am looking or concentrating.

The absorption of Light demands absolute sincerity and purity. Anybody who is one hundred percent sincere and pure in the spiritual life can immediately absorb the Light that I want to offer. It does not take more than two seconds or perhaps even one second. Now, the sincerity that I am speaking of is not ordinary human sincerity. It is something totally different from the sincerity that we use in our ordinary day-to-day life. Spiritual sincerity is something infinitely more subtle and infinitely more difficult to understand. At every moment you are dealing with your goal, your highest goal of oneness, which is right in front of you. Spiritual sincerity asks of you, "Are you going to make the utmost sacrifice to reach that goal?" If the hour has struck and if God wants you to give up everything for His sake, to realise Him; if He says, "Give up everything and walk with Me, run with Me," then, if you are ready to do it, that is called true sincerity to your goal. Then only you can go with God. If one is not ready to make all sacrifices for the realisation of one's ultimate Goal, then, according to me, one is not sincere. Only he is sincere who can say, "I am ready to give up everything if that is what God wants." And he must be doing it to please God, not just because it is demanded of him in order to realise God. Spiritual sincerity is constant inner sacrifice and outer sacrifice. If there is no sacrifice in the inner life or the outer life, then sincerity cannot take birth. At every moment self-sacrifice has to be done unconditionally and soulfully. This constant self-sacrifice to realise the highest Goal, to become one with the Supreme, is called real sincerity.

And then, if there is no purity, immediately you will lose the Light that you have received. Purity is actually the vessel inside you which holds Light, Peace, Bliss and Power. Very often you receive things from me and then you lose them because impurity enters into you. Impurity you can see in the physical, in the mind and in the vital. Impurity in the subtle physical body comes mostly from doubt, from fear, from anxiety. One of the undivine qualities that go hand in hand with impurity is self-deception, so you have to be very careful. If you want to expedite your spiritual journey, then purity must come first. Otherwise, no matter how much Light you have received or are going to receive, you will lose it. You may get it today, but tomorrow you are going to lose it.