Inner communication with the Master

If somebody wants to enter into my consciousness quickly, in the twinkling of an eye, then he has to prepare himself in every possible way: by taking a shower, wearing clean clothes, putting out flowers and so forth. Otherwise, it will be like climbing a very high mountain. But after you have made considerable progress in your inner life, there comes a time when your inner consciousness has become really pure. At that time, even if you do not take a shower, your meditation will automatically go high. But it is only in the case of those who are very advanced. If you meditate in front of my Transcendental picture, I am aware if you have not properly bathed or prepared yourself. But at that time it is my subtle physical that is more prominent than the gross physical. When you are approaching me through my picture, the vibration is coming into my subtle physical, and there I will not be so much affected if you have not bathed. When anyone approaches me directly on the physical plane, I will be more affected. The subtle physical is inside the physical, true; but it is higher than the physical and there I have more power. The higher we are, the stronger we are and the more power we have. The physical is very limited. In throwing the shotput or the discus, many good athletes will beat me. But I know what I can do with my occult power.

When a person concentrates on my Transcendental picture, immediately one of my inner beings, or emanations, comes to me and brings it to the attention of my physical mind. But a person must look at my picture with utmost devotion and it must be my Transcendental picture, where am one with my Lord Supreme, where I embody the Highest, and not just any picture where I am running or climbing trees. When an aspirant is concentrating on my Transcendental picture, then one of my inner beings tells me. I may not know the name of the person, I may never see him in this life, but his soul comes to me and brings the face and physical form of the person right in front of my physical mind, no matter what I am doing. I may be riding in the car or giving a lecture, but my inner beings are telling me that this person is concentrating on me or that person is concentrating on me. Also, early in the morning, after two o'clock, the souls of my dearest disciples come to me and give me a report on what happened to them that day, whether it was good or bad.

As you know, I have many classes of disciples: seventh, sixth, fifth, fourth, third, second, first and inmost disciples. But some people whom I have never seen, who are not my disciples on the outer plane, are making enormous progress — faster progress than my third or fourth class disciples, whom I see very often. These seekers are getting much help from me in the inner world. Recently a book of mine, Food for the Soul, was published. People are buying the book and reading it and I am most grateful to them. My writings are my consciousness. High or low, they are my consciousness, and those who read my writings can enter into my consciousness. As they are concentrating on important key words, my inner beings come to me and tell me. I do not know their names, but in the inner world they are getting abundant help from me.

It is all a matter of faith. If one believes in the spiritual Master, then one gets considerable help. One has not to be my disciple in order to receive my Light inwardly. Here I am considered a spiritual Master by my disciples. But I wish to say that my realisation tells me there is only one Guru and that Guru is the Supreme. I am the representative of the Supreme for my disciples, for those who want to be in my Boat. But the good will, the love that I spread: this I offer to all humanity. It is my bounden duty to offer this kind of help though outwardly I am responsible only for my disciples.

If a spiritual Master is not on the physical plane, even then people can get considerable help from him if he is a great Master like the Christ, the Buddha, Sri Krishna, Sri Ramakrishna and others. Their devotees get considerable help, constant help, on the strength of their faith in their Master. I have six or seven hundred disciples and I am lucky that most of my disciples do have faith in me. The disciples who have faith in me will get my help even if I am not physically present. The disciples who have established an inseparable oneness with me are bound to feel me no matter where I am. It is an inner oneness. With the outer oneness, two persons may be standing together, they may be friends and they may be talking, but their minds are somewhere else. They don't feel one with each other. They feel one with someone else, some place else. It is our oneness that makes us feel the existence of others and makes it possible for us to get help from others. If I am in Los Angeles and my disciples in Vancouver or in Europe want to contact me inwardly, they can reach me. Again, a disciple may stand right in front of me and if he is not aspiring, then he will see my face and I will see his face, but there will be no inner communication. If he is a sincere, devoted, surrendered seeker, however, then there is no time limit, there is no space limit; it is all oneness.

Here I am available on the physical plane; and if it is God's Will, one can find me. There are various ways to communicate with me, whereas after the Master has left the physical plane, the process is more difficult. Then one has to go very deep within in order to commune or communicate with the Master.

My sincere request to each of you is to please try to remain in your highest, in your purest consciousness. And if it is difficult for you to remain in your highest and purest consciousness, then just look at my picture. My Transcendental picture will raise your consciousness instantly, miraculously. If you have true faith in this particular picture, your inner life, your spiritual life will be most successful and most glorious. I have to say, with utmost humility and at the same time with utmost sincerity, that only great aspirants, spiritual giants and great spiritual Masters of the hoary past, the present and the future will fully recognise what this picture represents. What you need is God-realisation and that you will gradually get from meditating on my Transcendental picture. So if anyone concentrates on my picture or reads my writings with real devotion and aspiration, I have to help him. To serve, to help mankind is the only reason I am here on earth.