Inner experiences

Very often my disciples get inner experiences or inner messages from me. Sometimes you are perhaps only imagining things, but sometimes you may be having a real inner experience. If it is a real experience, then before you start your meditation you will get tremendous joy. Then, when you enter into meditation, you will feel even greater joy; the experience will give you a push to go farther and deeper. But if your mind is not pure and free of undivine thoughts, then you will know that you are not having a real inner experience.

Any message that comes from within, even if it is really from your inner being, your physical mind may not believe. It takes just a second, though, for me to ask my soul or your soul whether or not I have given you the message, and immediately I will be able to tell you. If I have, I will definitely say so; if I give you a specific message in the inner world, then on the physical plane I will never contradict it. If I have said something very high, very divine, it may happen that you doubt it on the physical plane. You may feel, “How can it be true? This morning I did so many wrong things, I did not meditate — I did this and that.” The difficulty is that one day I may tell you that I am very pleased with you, but the next day you may have come down. Just because you have come down, I shall not deny that I said something; I will simply say that I did tell you, but now you have fallen.

If you feel that you are not in the mind and that you definitely are getting an urgent inner message from me, then just tell me about it immediately. But you have to know whether it is really urgent or not. Something may be important to you today, but tomorrow that very thing may be most unimportant. You know that I am extremely busy, but nobody can say that when you have something really urgent, I ignore it. Immediately I try to do something, either on the physical plane, on the mental plane or on the spiritual plane. You may want me to deal with a problem on the physical plane, but I may feel that if I deal with it outwardly, it will not serve any purpose and that it should be handled on the spiritual plane. Many times you expect something to be done outwardly, but I feel that by satisfying you on the physical plane I will only be pleasing your ego. Then unconsciously you may try to create more problems of that kind so that you can get attention. But if I deal with the situation on the spiritual plane, then you won’t indulge in those problems any more. On the other hand, it has happened that the infinite Love and Compassion I have showered on a disciple on the spiritual plane has failed, whereas when I try to deal with him on the physical plane, I succeed.

Sometimes when I deal with people on the spiritual plane they say, “How is it that Guru is not paying attention to me?” But I am trying to clear up their spiritual disease inwardly. The spiritual plane is most important. If I can solve the problem on that plane, it may remain the same outwardly; on the physical plane it may remain unsolved for ten days or ten months. But on the spiritual plane it is solved. Then there is no root to the problem any more. Some people ask for my assistance on the physical plane ten times a day, but if I help them outwardly, then again tomorrow they will have ten more requests of the same kind. But if once I can solve the problem on the inner plane, then it will not happen again. However, if you have problems that are purely on the physical plane, then please approach me on the physical plane. At that time do not try to approach me on the spiritual plane through meditation.

Sometimes you may think, “I have had a wonderful experience, but if I share it with Guru, I will never get it again.” The inner being is prepared to offer the experience to the Master, but the vital thinks it will become a beggar by giving away this morsel. In India when some disciples tell their Masters of their experiences, then they don’t get these experiences again. They feel that the Master has taken away the strength of the experiences. But they are wrong. The Guru only wants them to get more Power, more Light, more Peace. He has not taken away the essence, the true strength, the significance, the power of the experience. Actually, the Light from the experience is still there, but the disciples do not see it because of their jealousy and aggression. You have to know that whenever you tell me about an experience and you don’t get it again, then the Supreme is preparing you for an infinitely higher Light and Peace. Your inner being isaware of this, but the vital, like a beggar, makes you feel that you have lost something.

Sri Chinmoy, Dependence and assurance.First published by Agni Press in 1975.

This is the 248th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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