Dependence and assurance

If you depend on me, if your consciousness stays in me and unites itself with my consciousness, then it will be very easy for me to help you, even if you live far away. But if you do not feel any oneness with me, we can be here all our lives in one room and I will not be able to help you. If you care only for my physical proximity, if you care only to come here to the Centre twice a week so we can see each other, that will not bring either you or me very far. I have tables and chairs in my room. They depend on me because I write on them and I sit on them; in a sense I feed them. But I don't think I will be able to transform their nature. This is because they do not consciously identify themselves with the person who is eager to help them.

What is important is inner aspiration. If you have aspiration, then what you call dependence, I will call assurance. You will use the word 'dependence' and I will use the word 'assurance'. A Centre head may live thousands of miles away. But where is his heart? Where is his mind? They are here in New York. It has happened that a Centre president speaks about me hundreds of miles away, but others hear my voice and see my face, even though the president may be a woman. There are many who geographically are thousands of miles away from me, but they are in my consciousness. They see me, they feel me, they talk to me. And when they write to me, they often say that at a particular hour they saw me and received my help. So we can see how one can have assurance of his spiritual capacity and oneness with his Master even though the Master is thousands of miles away.

Right now, physically I am here talking, but my inner beings are doing work on so many levels. A realised person has to operate on many different levels at the same time; otherwise, he cannot do the many things which must be done in a twenty-four-hour day. Each spiritual Master has an inner biography of his inner achievements. This biography is very, very long and, unfortunately, it cannot be written down, even by the Master. First of all, he does not have the time; secondly, he feels that it will all be regarded as sheer nonsense. Only the dearest disciples who have accepted the inner life and who can enter into their Guru's consciousness will be able to see and feel whether he is telling the truth or not.

There may come a time when you feel that I am no longer necessary in your life of aspiration. Let us take my own case. Do I need a Guru? In all sincerity I will say that I don't need a human Guru. My Guru is the Supreme. I can say this at my present stage of development. But if you say that you do not need a Guru right now, then I think it will be a mistake on your part. You need considerable help, either from this Guru or from somebody else. Your goal is realisation and your journey is quite long. 'Realisation' is a big word to swallow and assimilate. It is more powerful than the atom bomb or the hydrogen bomb. Even after you achieve minor realisations, you will need help from a very great spiritual Master. Only after receiving full realisation or, you can say, major realisation is it not necessary to be dependent on a living Master. Again, you can feel that it is like a father and a son. If the father is capable of teaching more to the son, even if the son has achieved major realisation, the son will naturally try to have further instruction from the father. Because the son loves the father, he will not want to leave him.