Act XIII, Scene 2

(On the eve of India's Independence, 15 August 1947. Sri Aurobindo's room. A disciple and Sri Aurobindo.)

DISCIPLE: To-morrow is your birthday and India's — India's rebirth in independence. A divine coincidence. The occasion has attracted an unusually large number of visitors for Darshan.

SRI AUROBINDO: It is no accident, to be sure.

DISCIPLE: It is the victory of the struggle for independence you led under the captaincy of God, the fulfilment of the word He gave you in Alipore Jail. The Mother has had a flag-staff set up on the top of your room. To-morrow she is going to hoist the flag, because it is India's spiritual flag as well.

SRI AUROBINDO: You are right. But a divided India is a mixed blessing. It will entail on the Mother a continuing burden of problems till India has attained her integral solidarity.

DISCIPLE: I am sure, if that is God's Will the Mother will bear it with your help and guidance. No truth can rest divided for long.

SRI AUROBINDO: That's it. All divisions all over the world must go before it becomes one for the ONE. His Will will triumph over human folly.