Act XIII, Scene 314

(Sri Aurobindo’s room. Sri Aurobindo and his scribe, Nirod.)

SRI AUROBINDO: Take up Savitri. I want to finish it soon.

(Puzzled at the words Nirod looks at the Master’s face and finds it impassive. He reads out.)

A day may come when she must stand unhelped
On a dangerous brink of the world’s doom and hers.

In that tremendous silence lone and lost
Cry not to Heaven, for she alone can help.
She only can save herself and save the world.

SRI AUROBINDO: Ah, it is finished? What is left now?

NIROD: The Book of Death and the Epilogue.

SRI AUROBINDO: Ah, that? We shall see about that later on.

DB 103. Based on Nirodbaran's booklet I am Here! I am Here!