Act III, Scene 3

(Baroda. Aurobindo's own chamber. He is rapt in his studies. His room is a treasure-house of the Goddess of Learning. Suddenly he closes his book.)

AURO: I simply don't know how man can go on doing anything against his inner preference for long. My nature revolts at the Administrative Service. The work I am doing is not at all congenial to me. I shall ask the Gaekwar to shift me to his College.

(Enter a peon and hands Aurobindo a letter.)

PEON: Sir, His Highness the Gaekwar requests the favour of your company at lunch and he seeks for your advice to settle a serious matter.

AURO: I see. Thank you.

(Enter Dinendra Kumar Roy.)

AURO: Dinen Babu, His Highness has asked me to lunch. So I have to miss your company to-day.

DINENDRA: It is so kind of the Gaekwar. But isn't it time for you to be there?

AURO (looking at his watch): Yes, it is. I'm off.