Act III, Scene 4

(Baroda. Aurobindo's room. Absorbed in studies. Enter Dinendra Kumar.)

DINENDRA: A telegram for you.

AUROBINDO (after reading it): Ramesh Babu — Ramesh Chandra Dutta — arrives to-morrow from Bengal. We must make all necessary arrangements for him.

DINENDRA: Keshta! Keshta!

(Enter Keshta.)

KESHTA: Babu, Babu.

DINENDRA: To-morrow a very, very great man comes from Bengal. So your cooking must be especially fine.

KESHTA: Easily done, Sir. But one thing. We have run short of spices and ghee.

DINENDRA (handing the servant a five-rupee note): Buy spices and ghee from the market, and don't forget to get potatoes, cauliflowers and green mangoes.