Act III, Scene 5

(Baroda College. Aurobindo is now Professor of English. He declares a prize…)

AUROBINDO: I declare a prize in an Essay-cum-Debate Competition on “Japan and the Japanese.”

(K.M. Munshi, a student, stands up.)

MUNSHI: Sir, how can nationalism be developed?5

AUROBINDO (pointing to a wall-map of India): Look at that map. Learn to find in it the portrait of Bharatmata. The cities, mountains, rivers and forests are the materials which go to make up Her body. The people inhabiting the country are the cells which go to make up Her living tissues. Our literature is Her memory and speech. The spirit of Her culture is Her soul. The happiness and freedom of Her children is Her salvation. Behold Bharat as a living Mother, meditate upon Her and worship Her in the nine-fold way of bhakti.

MUNSHI: Sir, how can I meditate upon the Mother?

AUROBINDO: Just go through the works of Swami Vivekananda, and you will be able to meditate upon the Mother.

DB 22,4. From here to the end of the scene the speeches are quotations from K.M. Munshi’s memoirs.