Act IV, Scene 2

(Calcutta. Grey Street House. Mrinalini Devi reads out a letter which she has just received from Aurobindo.)
"Dearest Mrinalini,
[...] You have, perhaps, by now discovered that the one with whose fate yours is linked is a very strange kind of person. Mine is not the mental outlook, the aim of life and the domain of action which the generality of people in this country have at present. It is quite different in all respects, it is uncommon. Perhaps, you know by what name the generality of people call extraordinary ideas, uncommon actions, unusually high aspirations. They label all these things a madness, but if the mad man succeeds in the field of action then instead of calling him a lunatic they call him a great man, a man of genius."

MRINALINI (saying to herself): I fully agree with you, my Lord. I am sure your efforts will be crowned with success.

(She continues reading.)

"... it is my firm faith that whatever virtue, talent, higher education and knowledge and wealth which God has given me belongs to Him."

MRINALINI: O Merciful God, Thy Grace knows no bounds. I bow to Thee with all my heart and soul for giving me a husband who has no equal on earth.

(She continues reading.)

"... I know I have the strength to uplift this fallen race; it is not physical strength, I am not going to fight with the sword or with the gun, but with the power of knowledge. The power of the warrior is not the only kind of force, there is also the power of the Brahman which is founded on knowledge. This is not a new feeling within me, it is not of a recent origin, I was born with it, it is in my marrow, God sent me to the earth to accomplish this great mission."

(She is thrilled with joy and jumps up.)

MRINALINI: I know, I know, you are not an ordinary human being. You are a Godlike man. Your great mission must succeed.

(She goes on.)

"... You should always offer to Him this prayer: “May I not come in the way of my husband’s life and his ideals and his path to God-realisation; may I become his helper and his instrument.” Will you do it?"

MRINALINI: My Lord, I fail to believe my eyes. How could you imagine that I might come in the way of your life and your ideals and your path to God-realisation? I have no existence without you. I am entirely yours, within and without.