Act IV, Scene 3

(Baroda. The Maharaja and Sister Nivedita.)

NIVEDITA: Maharaja, I am driven by necessity to ask for your help.

MAHARAJA: Yes, I am at your service, if possible.

NIVEDITA: I strongly feel that the revolutionary movement will be considerably more effective if you lend your powerful active support to it.

MAHARAJA: My help! Good Heavens! I am sure I am of no use to the movement. The spirit of Revolution is lacking in me. But that does not mean that I don't want freedom. Nivedita, you are the spiritual daughter of Swami Vivekananda. You are surcharged with his indomitable Will. India is proud to have you.

NIVEDITA: I pray, Maharaja, do not laud me to the skies. It is my Master's Will that has brought me to India, the country of my heart and soul. What I have done for India is nothing and what I may do may count for nothing. That I have been able to dedicate my life, my everything, to serve our Bharatmata is a source of great joy to me.

MAHARAJA: Nivedita, Swamiji's Nivedita! Truly you are Nivedita, the offering, to the whole country. Now, you want my help in your revolutionary work. Please give me some time to make up my mind. I should like to discuss the matter with Arvind Babu.

NIVEDITA: You mean Aurobindo. I am sure he will press you to join and help the revolutionary movement. He himself will plunge before long into the vortex of the Indian National Independence Movement and stand in the forefront of the struggle.

MAHARAJA: My Arvind! He will leave me! I was quite in the dark about it all. Alas, he will come to unnecessary grief. I must meet him at once.