Act IV, Scene 4

(Baroda. Sri Aurobindo's residence. Morning. Sri Aurobindo still in bed. Enter Barin in soiled and ragged clothes.)

AURO: Who is there?

BARIN: Sejda, it's I, Barin.

AURO: O my goodness, how is it that you are in this state? Go into the bathroom and wash up.

BARIN: Sejda, I have come…

AURO: Ah, you are so impossible. Go straight into the bathroom. I shall listen to you afterwards.

(Exit Barin. Sri Aurobindo sits up on the cot. Enter Sarojini, his sister.)

SARO: Sejda, Bari is come. Has he met you? Where is he gone?

AURO: He is in the bathroom.

SARO: Bari is very spirited. I am sure he will do much for the country. But, Sejda, he is not at all sweet towards me in his conduct.

AURO: But I am sweet to you. Am I not?

SARO: I know, it is useless to tell you anything against anybody. You simply take it very lightly. And you never realise your indifference cuts me to the quick.

(Enter Barin, clean and tidy.)

AURO: Bari, Saro has a severe complaint against you.

BARIN: Didi's complaint! Has she anyone on earth whom she loves more than me?

SARO: Very clever you are. Truth to tell, I hate you for your rude behaviour.

BARIN: Didi, you may hate Sj. Barinda Kumar Ghosh. But to hate your youngest brother Bari is beyond you. Sejda, do you believe that she looks down upon me?

AURO: I can't think so. Saro, I am sorry that you have lost to Bari. And, I believe your surrender will be complete if you give him a cup of tea and a hot cake.

(Enter Mrinalini Devi with tea and sweets.)

SARO (in excitement): Ah, Baudi, you have come to my rescue. These two brothers are simply torturing me.

(Mrinalini Devi gives a smile.)

BARIN: Now, Didi, allow me to have a serious talk with Sejda.

SARO: Who forbids you? But, mind you, neither Baudi nor I am going to leave the room.

BARIN: No harm. Sejda, it is you who have infused into me the revolutionary spirit. Now you must tell me how to begin the revolutionary work. I can brook no delay.

AURO: You need not. That auspicious moment is well-nigh come.