Act IV, Scene 5

(Evening. Barin, with some of his friends, experiments with a Planchette. Aurobindo keenly observes it. They invoke the spirit of Ramakrishna. The Planchette moves.)

BARIN: Thakur, Thakur, through your infinite kindness you have appeared before us. Please tell us whether our freedom movement will be a success or not.

(The spirit of Ramakrishna remains silent.)

BARIN: Thakur, pray give us your advice. We shall obey you.

(Ramakrishna continues silent.)

BARIN: It seems you are displeased with us. We are helpless, blind human beings. Show us the way to fulfil our ideal.

(The Planchette writes out the sentence: Mandir gado, mandir gado [Make temples, make temples]. The spirit disappears.)

BARIN: Sejda, Ramakrishna has at last said, Mandir gado, mandir gado. What does it signify?

AURO: I believe Ramakrishna Paramahansa wishes us to establish temples in our hearts.

BARIN: What for?

AURO: Barin have faith in Ramakrishna. He was the dearest child of Mahakali. He was God manifest in a human being. We shall in the years to come realise the significance of making temples in the inmost recesses of our hearts.